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Nintendo DS Games

When it comes to finding a suitable game for a young audience the best way to do so is with games that are rated E for everyone. Unfortunately there are still some games out there with subject material that is younger than the E+ rating, so if you’re looking for a game for the whole family to play together with you recommend a title such as My Little Monsters. EC – EGameplay If you’re more of a puzzle or hidden object gamer the E3 2010 show is a good place to be. Video games such as indie games like indie classic!
Made a Game With Zombies!, unfold its storyline in greater detail and with more detail than the original games release. The good news here is that the games releases range from family friendly to more hardcore combat focused games, so basically E to M for gamers with a crossword urge. Nintendo 3DS The Nintendo 3DS hand held gaming console features the device from the start and from then on it becomes your video game throughout the day. The console features a 3D screen like the one found in the Xbox 360 but also has a 3D slider added to the right side of the top screen. This allows you to choose the strength of the 3D you wish to see. The 3D slider can also be used in games making you feel as though you are in a movie. As with the launch of the Xbox 360 before it there was already a huge range of games in the pipeline.
To say the 3DS has a wide range is an understatement. Some of the title’s available include Silent Hill: Downpour, Pisket Kart, Star Fox 64 3DS, and soonTomb Raiderand unfortunatelyOcarina of Time 3DS. Whilst the 3DS has a vast range of games it does face competition from the recently released Nintendo 2DS. The 2DS is a dual screen console that Charges on the go and plays Nintendo DS games, as well as being able to play your pocket games. This can be a great little add on to your Nintendo DS or DS Lite if you do not have a DS to play, and the 2DS can play classic Nintendo games that are on the DS. Generally the 2DS is stronger than the 3DS and has a battery life comparable to the DS Lite which is great for people that travel a lot. The 2DS will also play downloaded games from the internet being quite a faster and better connection compared to the 3DS.
The Nintendo 2D console is available in black or white. Stereoscopic 3D: If you have been accustomed to a 2D gaming console that used to function under 3D conditions you may be a little disappointed when switching to a 3D display because scenes appear to be moving or moving in a 3D manner. 2D Controls: The 2D controls have been retooled to be more comparable to the 3D controls which means that you may have to make use of the Depth Slider switch located towards the right side of the upper screen to make the 3D effect come into effect. This is a great gaming experience for those who are used to playing a 2D game normally, with the addition of three exciting and enjoyable games to already great library of DS games.